Strata Monitoring Application

SMA Overview

SMA is an advanced software application for geotechnical data management and analysis in underground coal mines using instrumentation to monitor roof movements. SMA and SMA-RT allow Technical Services teams to collate data, run multiple reports, graph underground movement and monitor strata data in real time.

Designed by a Geotechnical Engineer with extensive experience and learnings at the coal face, SMA brings real solutions to the management of underground data. With features such as the integration of tablet data, CAD visualisation and instrument graphing & custom reporting SMA is a must have solution for all professional geotechnical departments.

SMA-RT is the smart choice for sites who require importation of real-time instrumentation data, automated alerting and acknowledgement tracking customised to their Site TARPs. To learn more about SMA and SMA-RT simply fill out the form below:




Contemporary user interface

Simple and efficient data entry

Multi-instrument graphing

Inbuilt report formats and report designer

Advanced data querying module

TARP-based alert configuration

CAD functionality

Automated Email Capability

Real Time Data Integration

Secure DB - remotely located on server

Access and User Control

Training and Technical Support

Why Choose SMA

Founded on geotechnical knowledge and experience, SMA is the strata monitoring application of choice for mines sites throughout Australia and internationally. Our clients use SMA and SMA-RT because it removes the need to use multiple programs to manage underground data and perform analysis for support designs. Our full package also includes data clean up, data migration and efficient data entry services.

It’s been a pleasure working with stakeholders to implement SMA-RT and Australian Universities to ensure the continuous development of SMA and SMA-RT.

Expert Advice

Customized input from RPEQ qualified Geotechnical Engineers on how to streamline your data and get the most out of it.


Membership includes onsite training from an SMA specialist and access to a suite of training videos, tutorials and user manuals.


Access to a wide range of support including phone consultations and site visits.

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We've used SMA at all our underground pits for seven years. Its turned a morass of spreadsheets, into a single interrogable source ensuring compliance and improving accuracy. We’ve been well supported, and using the data entry assistance has freed up valuable site technical personnel time. I’m happy to recommend SMA without reservation.

James McGuiness - Operational Geology Specialist

Anglo American


I have been using Strata Monitoring Application (SMA) for several years now to manage all Tell-tale data that is recorded from the underground mine. SMA allows the user to set up a group of instruments for each mining area, where each instrument has individual Tell-tale readings entered. SMA tracks the date and time of the raw Tell-tale reading and uses this information to determine true displacement, displacement by horizon and the displacement rate at each entered Tell-tale. Having this information readily available is extremely valuable as it allows us to track Tell-tale trends and respond quickly to changing conditions. Data analysis is also possible within SMA. There are several graphical tools built into the program that streamline our process and allows us to visualise total displacement, displacement location into the roof, displacement rate and longwall surge. These tools help us to understand ground conditions in previous mining areas as well as how the installed ground support system has performed in those conditions – both of which are critical inputs into the geotechnical design process for upcoming mining areas. The level of support that we get from SMA team is also at a really high level. They are always available to conduct training for new personnel and respond to questions or concerns regarding running the software and how to get the most of it.

Samantha Grimsey - Superintendent, Geotechnical Engineer

Kestrel Coal Resources


I have been involved with SMA from the very beginning, being the first to lease the software in 2014. At the time SMA filled a necessary void for a stable and reliable monitoring database for underground coal mining; it was a “no brainer” to lease the software. SMA has continued to listen to their customers by developing numerous additional functions and upgrading existing ones. The data entry service has been a game changer across the industry allowing engineers to focus on engineering as well. SMA will enrich the health and safety of the underground mine in which it is employed, and I have no hesitation in recommending it.

Jason Emery – Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Optimum Geotechnics

One of the key critical controls identified for strata hazard management of the Pike River Recovery Agency (PRRA) was the installation of a remote and intrinsically safe, real-time tell-tale monitoring system (roofAlert) to continuously monitor roof movements.  The roofAlert system comprised a total of 32 wired instruments which sent an almost continuous data feed (tell-tales were read every 15mins) back to standalone computers set up mine the mine control room.

A key component of remote real time geotechnical monitoring system was Strata Monitoring Application (SMA) software supplied by Geotechnicoal.  SMA was successfully used to provide:

  • The link between the almost continuous roof monitoring data feed leaving the mine and the secure database and interface solution on surface.
  • An effective and simple interface for the Control Room Operators, Mine Management and Geotechnical Engineers to view and trend the tell-tale data in the Control Room (or remotely from off-site).
  • Establishment of TARP based levels for automatic alerting and follow up response.
  • Provision of automatic email and SMS alerting if TARP levels were reached.
  • Detailed graphing and trending of various monitoring horizons to assist with analysis and reporting.
  • The ability to assist with detailed data integration and generation of specific reports for single or multi-instrument datasets.
  • Easy and secure storage of large amounts of roof monitoring data for importing into other software packages as required.

SMA has proven to be a simple and effective software solution package for storage, interpretation and TARP based alerting of large amounts of almost continuous tell-tale roof displacement data at Pike River Mine.  The simple to use interface and range of tools was well suited to provide relevant and timely information to the Control Room Operators, Mine Management and Geotechnical Engineers for the duration of the monitoring programme.

Chris (Rick) Lee - Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Strata Control Technology 

SMA is a great tool for geotechnical engineers to be able to manage and interrogate monitoring data from the underground coal mine. It has been used onsite as a tool to justify support optimisations around the pit.

James Fisher – Geotechnical Engineer

Ulan #3

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