Geotechnical Services

Our mission is to uphold excellence in mine geotechnical engineering and implement and maintain geotechnical best practise on behalf of our clients. From undertaking geotechnical design, driving project work or performing site- based geotechnical engineering duties, we seek to understand the objectives of our clients, make them our own and work toward them in a sustainable and ethical manner.

Our RPEQ Geotechnical Engineers are experienced and dedicated professionals who specialise in geotechnical design for underground coal mines. Geotechnicoal can provide short or long term site-based geotechnical engagement including filling FTE roles, mentoring existing technical staff and geotechnical project work.

Core areas of expertise:

Development and optimization of underground strata hazard management systems
  • Geotechnical hazard assessment – Bowtie, SQRA
  • Principal Hazard Management Plans, TARPs, SOPs, MOPs, STDs, SWI, WIs
  • Audit and Review of strata management and ground support systems, PIR
Strata Characterisation from Exploration to Operations
  • Stress Field: magnitude, orientation, principal stress ratios
  • Geomechanical testing – type, location, frequency
  • Geophysical/ graphic log interpretation (Sonic, gamma, density)
  • Rock mass Classification: CMRR, GSR, RQD, RSI, UCS, Q
Ground support and pillar design and reporting employing numerical, analytical and empirical design techniques including:
  • Phase2/RS2, LaModel,
  • UNSW pillar design
  • Brittle-tensile failure analysis
  • Voussoir / Euler beam analytics
  • Intimate knowledge corporate governance-based geotechnical design protocol of large mining houses such as Anglo American and Glencore
Geotechnical Design Targeting
  • Primary, Secondary Support
  • Widened, High Excavations
  • LW Installation, Recovery, Chute, Gate Roadways
Strata Monitoring Systems
  • System design and implementation: Type, location, frequency, extensometer anchor height, TARP trigger levels
  • Analysis – Hf determination, local or mine-wide displacement analytics
  • Strata Monitoring Application – training, customisation, health checks, Periodic analysis and reporting
Optimisation of strata consumables
  • Support type/ cost optimisation
  • Managing the trialling, testing and implementation of new support consumables
  • Optimising stock levels, storage, transport, and auditing systems
Formulation of mine support rules - CAD based drafting of plans, Consumables specification, Layout / presentation
Geotechnical and geological hazard plans for production panel
Longwall recovery methods and hazard mitigation
Geotechnical inspection, auditing of underground workings, support installation, condition mapping
Geotechnical Feasibility and investigation work