Practical.        Innovative.       Secure.

 Advanced software for storing and analysing geotechnical data

  • Contemporary user interface layout
  • Simple and efficient data entry facility
  • Multi-instrument graphing
  • Inbuilt report formats and report designer
  • Advanced data querying module
  • Ground Support module (Under development)
  • CAD functionality (Under development)
  • Secure DB - remotely located on server
  • Access and User Control
  • Training and Technical Support
  • Development and Continuous Improvement of SMA

A practical and modern layout designed with Geotechnical professionals in mind

Easy to navigate menus for non-technical users

Versatile functions with the capacity to view multiple windows simultaneously

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Easily locate an instrument or group of instruments

Practical navigation pane and useful right-click options

Multi-date and multi-instrument data entry facility with on-the-run ‘Add new instrument’ feature

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Inbuilt graphing suite allowing multi-instrument display of: Time v Total Displacement; Time v Displacement by Horizon; Time v Displacement Rate and Longwall abutment surge.

Instantaneous graphing update in 'Instrument Hub'

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Inbuilt reports for printing instrument detail and readings or an audit sheet.

Ability to customise your own reports with SMA’s report designer.

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Displacement Analysis feature: a multi-instrument querying facility illustrating the spatial variance in strata movement at different horizons.

Read Date Information: query and graph instruments read dates, instruments lacking a reading from an input date, or request a list of defective instruments based on your input criteria.

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Enter your mine’s ground support types, define your roadway and cut through parameters and then populate the support columns according to chainage. These columns can be configured as ‘tracks’ and overlaid on an imported mine plan or are exportable in dxf/dwg.


Import a mine plan and pick / overlay instrument locations.

View a contour model with Total Displacement or displacement at a horizon and export this information in dxf/dwg.

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SMA utilises SQL Server as its database program and has a user interface developed in C#.

The database is housed on a central server onsite.

SMA can be accessed by multiple client PCs which are installed with the SMA application and linked back to server. As such an issue with any 1 individual PC (other than the server) does not corrupt the database.


As an SMA administrator, you control how many users there are and define each user’s level of access.

Enjoy unlimited SMA client installs per site.

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Site visit by a Geotechnicoal representative to conduct installation and data transfer.

A detailed help and technical manual is accessible and provides detail on software functions and algorithms.

Access a suite of training videos, forums and information on upcoming version releases in the SMA Boardroom – a feature accessible only by licensed SMA users.

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SMA was developed to provide Geotechnical Professionals and Mine Sites with a product that would improve time efficiency for site geotechs, deliver a streamlined geotechnical database, and significantly expand the opportunity for capturing and analysing strata information.

SMA is an innovative development by Geotechnicoal’s Principal Geotechnical Engineer, Michael Melville, who has worked in underground coal mine geotechnical engineering and geology for the past 10 years. We encourage and value your feedback in further developing SMA.


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